Industrial Automation is the Australian Distributor for European manufacturer ELEQ. Their motto is Mastering Electricity which covers the design and manufacturing of smart electro-technical devices for the protection, measuring and connecting of electrical energy


Pressure transmitters of the highest quality for a variety of applications are available from GP:50. Ranging from subsea measurements to high-pressure gas wells, GP:50 will have a transmitter that meets your needs. Smart features such as Wifi and Hart communication are part of the offerings from GP:50.

In addition, Industrial Automation provides pressure sensing instruments, including level sensing, from LEEG Automation for standard industrial and commercial applications


Industrial Automation distributes the Teltonika Wireless range of wireless routers in Australia. Unlike most routers on the market, the Teltonika Wireless range is designed to be used in harsh environments which makes them ideal in a country like Australia with its high-temperature extremes. Available from simple fixed equipment applications to demanding in-vehicle high-performance dual LTE networking products that provide first responders with reliable communication in emergency situations


Reliance-4 from European company Geovap, provides SCADA software that meets your budget. With drivers for all industrial protocols and a large library of easy-to-use templates. This ensures that you can create the window into your production process in no time at all. A variety of one-off licenses gives you several access options. Importantly, there is no compulsory maintenance fee. There is even a free fully functional package without a time limit so you can try it for yourself over an extended period of time.


Humidity sensing instrumentation is used in a variety of applications, from humidity cribs in hospitals to smallgoods manufacturing and many industrial applications. Michell Instruments have specialised sensors for all of these applications. Wherever humidity is measured, temperature normally needs measuring as well and that is why most sensors in the Michell range include temperature transmitters as well


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) from Sixnet and Phoenix Contact have been distributed and supported by the Industrial Automation Group for more than 30 years. Extensive experience with these products allows the company to provide sales and engineering support as well as complete turn-key projects in a variety of industrial and commercial applications

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