The Industrial Automation Group is a West Australian company that has been at the forefront of technology for over 26 years, providing our customers with innovative solutions to their automation and control needs.

The company was started by current Managing Director Henk de Graaf to meet the needs of customers in the process control and factory automation needs. This included the combination of process engineering and control panel manufacture within the same company and allowed the company to attract distribution rights from several international manufacturers of process control equipment.

Currently, the Industrial Automation Group comprises of 3 businesses that tailor solutions to specific customer and market needs, these are;

Industrial Automation

This division is mainly involved in the design, distribution, and manufacture of control components and systems for the general industry. Industries that range from utilities to mining and anything in-between. Industrial Automation also acts as the distribution and support point for a number of well-known international manufacturers of process control products and services. These include:

• Sierra Wireless: Communication equipment

• Sixnet: Process controllers and Ethernet switches

• GP:50: Pressure sensors

• Michell Instruments: Environmental sensors

• ELEQ: Electrical measurement equipment

• Geovap: SCADA software

Waterman Irrigation

The Waterman Irrigation division has for many years been involved in the provision of irrigation and associated activities for a number of Local Governments. This division has evolved into a provider of Smart Park Control solutions which provides control and monitoring solutions for all equipment associated with parks within Local Government areas. In order to emphasise that, a new product name has been created for this particular service and we call it Smarter Control.

Aeration Control Australia

This division focuses on the provision of grain aeration control equipment for the farming and bulk handling organisations. The Aeration Manager is a unique product in this industry in that it provides aeration control without the use of in-store sensors. The equipment allows the end-user to look after their grain in storage, without daily interaction, in the full knowledge that the controller will only use the aeration fans when they are capable of improving the condition of the grain. Aeration Control is also under the product name of Smarter Control.


Operating from the Joondalup Business Park in Perth, Western Australia, Industrial Automation imports a number of well-known process control products into Australia. Products are either sold to integrators or end-users or are used in IAG’s in-house manufactured products such as the Aeration Manager and the Waterman Irrigation range of controllers.

The company has been working together with the mining industry for many years in providing them with remote communication, monitoring, and reporting systems, such as that developed alongside REL for mine dewatering projects


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