Smartpark Facility Management & Access Control is an add-on function of Smartpark Control. It has similar functions of Smartpark Floodlight Controller.

Administration of active reserves, parks, sports facilities and recreation facilities requires a dedicated team of personnel to ensure that each and every facility and sporting club is properly supported.

Smartpark Facility Management & Access Control makes the administration easier by providing smart access to council and local government assets such as club buildings, sports & recreation centres. This includes the allocation of ground use and where applicable to control of the floodlights. Even access to club rooms can be part of this.

With the use of RFID technology and associated software, the Smartpark Facility Management & Access Control System allows you to control access and properly allocate usage expenses to the various clubs.

The result is that a council can hire out a facility for a night and don’t have to worry about further access once the card access has been disabled. A simple deposit bond will ensure that the card is returned.

And for those of you that have been chasing up sporting clubs forever to get them to pay for the usage of the facilities, the pre-paid option has the capacity to make your life a whole lot easier.

The wireless communication capabilities of the controller can also be used for the addition of video monitoring and the control of lights and power inside the building.

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