Static bodies of water are prone to alga infestation which can have a major impact on the management of filters if this water is used for irrigation. At the same time, if this lake is purely for aesthetic reasons, a green lake is not very inviting.

With our new solar-powered Algae Controller, starting the fight against algae has never been easier. Just anchor the float in your lake or dam and within weeks you can see the difference.

How does it work?

Algae can be controlled using ultrasonic sound waves which, over time, damage the vacuole inside the alga and causing it to die. The vacuole, in algal blooms plays a role in phagocytosis (cellular digestion), disposing of cellular waste and regulating osmotic (water) pressure within the cell, maintaining its structural integrity.

The SmartPark Algae Controller ruptures the tonoplast (thin membrane) which protects the vacuole, this results in the alga cell no longer being able to:

1 - Regulate Osmotic (water) pressure

2 - Dispose of wastes and toxins

3 - Grow and obtain nutrients

Depending on the type of alga, this then floats to the top or drops to the bottom from where it can be cleared. Effectively, once the vacuole has been destroyed, the algae are killed and your lake is clear and will stay clear as long as the unit remains powered on.

Operational from either DC or AC voltage means that the controller can work with mains power or via solar power.

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